Hi there! My name is Kevin and I started this website because I had a hard time myself when I was looking for good resources on how to get Academic eBooks. As a student, I know how tough it is to make everything work on an extremely limited budget. Textbooks are definitely one of my biggest expenses.

kevin tam founder of academic ebooks

Since I was spending a bunch of time looking for ways to get ebook versions of textbooks and other books I needed for school (plus, you know, I just like to read for fun sometimes too!) I figured why not put what I found online in a website as a resource for other students?

And then I thought, why stop there? Why not cover all kinds of topics for students who are looking to save a buck here and there? So yes the main focus of this website is academic ebooks, but you’ll also find information on student discounts and coupons, dorm room hacks, and ways to make ramen taste good. Just kidding, it’s already delicious! XD

If you have a great suggestion for an article or would like to submit one that you wrote yourself (build that online portfolio of published work!), please the visit the Contact page and send me a message. I would love to hear from you!

I am a full time student at UNC Charlotte who is maintaining this website as a hobby (yes, I’m a nerd) so you can expect it to be updated on a super infrequent basis. See ya around!