Where To Buy Cheap Or Free College Textbooks.

Where To Get Free College Textbooks.

High school students when planning to go to college must take many things into consideration. The transition from high school to college is a big one and in many cases can be a steep learning curve. So preparation is key.

Everything from study time to the cost of college courses, to the cost of college textbooks, must be factored into the transition. For example, in comparison to high school much more time must be dedicated to college study in comparison to high school study.

In addition, the college curriculum can be a bit more challenging. The cost of material is an issue as well. The financial burden that sending a child to college puts on the parent can’t be understated. And in many cases, the parents must foot the bill as it relates to tuition. This can add up to substantial debt overtime. So cutting costs becomes a primary objective for many parents and students.

And you can’t study without textbooks so we are going to provide information on how and where to get college textbooks at the lowest prices possible. Some of the sources are free. And some require you to pay but they offer savings anywhere from 50 to 90% off the original cost. Below are a number of sources students can go to save on textbooks and other college material.

Where to Get Free TextBooks:

free textbooks

1.Your Local Library.

Your good old local city library will probably be able to help you find what you’re looking for. Try looking for it inside the library and if you can’t find it try asking your librarian. If your librarian can’t find it at your local library they may be able to find it through their extensive network of libraries. The great thing about it is it will cost you nothing and is absolutely free.

2.Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg is another place you can go to access an extensive library of college material that you can use in your college studies. It has around 50,000 textbooks available that you can use.

Where to Get Cheap College Textbooks.

cheap college textbooks


If you are looking for new and used textbooks, textbooks.com would be a great option for you because that’s their specialty. They offer 30-day returns in the event you want or need to drop a class. They also offer free shipping with purchases over $25.


Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? You can find some really great deals on amazon.com. For example, you can get up to a 90% savings on most textbooks. You also have the option to rent or buy. And if you have a Kindle you can actually read some textbooks on your Kindle device. Two-day shipping is also available if you have a Prime student membership. You can actually get a 50% discount on Prime if you’re a student.


Just like Amazon, Chegg is another site that offers up to 90% off college textbook prices. Their rental and ebook program is extensive as well. Free online tutoring and help is also available but with a 30-minute limit. After you’ve used your 30 minutes you will be charged fifty cents a minute for every additional minute used.


Rakuten has an extensive selection of textbooks to choose from. They have a pretty vast selection of textbooks to choose from. But you can actually narrow down your search by searching for the genre, subject, free shipping, and price range, etc.

Better World Books.

Better World Books is another great place to shop for cheap textbooks. They get their vast selection of used textbooks from donors they then re-sell them to the public at a discount.


New and used textbooks are Abe Books specialty. You can expect savings anywhere from 50 to 90%. They also offer some textbooks with free shipping so doing a search could prove helpful and save you some money.


eBay is another great place to shop for low-cost college textbooks. They also have an extensive collection of textbooks to choose from. You’ll find many eBay sellers available with new and old text-books. You may also be able to save additional money by bidding on auctions.
Above are a number of places you can find cheap and or low-cost textbooks. Do your due diligence by going to every site listed above and do price comparisons to ensure you find the best and most cost-effective college textbooks.

With all the options available you should have access to a vast collection of new and used college textbooks that you can choose from. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in one place move on to the next and just repeat those steps until you find what you’re looking for.

Everything you’re looking for may not be available but just keep searching until you find as many text-books that will be relevant to your study. But patience is the key to finding exactly what you’re looking for. Just take your time and search thoroughly for the topics and titles relevant to you.

Top 8 Best eBook Subscriptions

There are a few things to consider before purchasing or subscribing to an ebook service.

  • What platform do you plan on reading these books on?
  • What type of book do you most enjoy?
  • How many books do you read within a normal month?
  • Do you want a renting or buying service?
  • What is your budget each month for books?

best ebook subscription services

Luckily for you, we’ll be discussing multiple different ebook services that are available to you today. Although some may be more convenient than others, depending on what you want to read.

1. Scribd

Scribd offers a free trial of 30 days, but afterward, a subscription cost of $8.99 a month. You can cancel your subscriptions anytime; however, they will not offer you a refund if you cancel halfway through the month. Their supported devices include Android, iOS, and readers. Scribd has over 400,000 titles with nearly a thousand publishers on the site. As well as regular books, you will find academic articles or papers published through Scribd. You can read as many books as you like. If you don’t want a book, you can find another with no penalty, and that’s why Scribd is one of the best e-book subscriptions that you can buy. Their subscriptions are especially great if you’re indecisive and would like to have a metaphorical library in the palm of your hands.

2. Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Another excellent subscription service is Amazon Kindle Unlimited. They have a free trial of 30 days and afterward, a cost of $9.99 a month. One of the significant benefits of this service is that it’s free with any Amazon Prime membership. With the mass popularity of Amazon and Amazon Prime, it would be difficult to find somebody who hasn’t subscribed to Amazon Prime at least once in their lifetime. You can cancel this membership at any time with no extra charges. They’ll allow you to keep their services for the rest of the month that you paid. There are over 600,000 titles for you to read, and you can read as many or as little as you like.

3. Entitle

Entitle offers a free trial of seven days and a subscription of $9.99 for two books a month, $14.99 for three books a month, and $19.99 for four ebooks a month. Unlike many other ebook services, Entitle allows you to keep the books you’ve downloaded on your various devices after the subscription ends. They offer over 200,000 different options with the benefit of keeping what you’ve read after your subscription. Although if you’d like to read multiple books in one month, this may not be a subscription for you. They only offer you a certain amount of books meaning if you only read a few books a month, this subscription is perfect for you. Another exciting part about Entitle is its partnership with The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Through Ellen’s book bar, which highlights books that Ellen features on her show. They also donate a portion of each subscription to scholarship funds for kids in less-than-ideal financial situations.

4. Book Riot TBR

Another impressive ebook subscription service is Book Riot’s TBR or tailored book recommendations. When signing up and filling out your profile Book Riot will ask you questions about your favorite books or genres to help recommend books that you would enjoy. You can also subscribe to a hardcover option meaning they’ll send you books tailored to your specific taste. Although the hardcover option is unique, it’s not their only offer. TBR also offers ebooks tailored to your taste. Not only that, but your bibliologist will send you a letter explaining why they’ve chosen each book for you. Depending on your decision, this may be a more expensive service than others. The cost of TBR could be $15 per quarter to $79.79 per quarter.

5. Comixology

Comixology is an e-book subscription for comic book fans allowing you to read Comics ranging from manga, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and a few other publishers. You can sync your books across different platforms allowing you to pick up where you left off on your phone to your computer. They offer a 30-day free trial and afterward is only $5.99 a month. ComiXology is an unlimited subscription service, unlike others where you pay for a certain amount of books you can get as many or read as many books as you’d like. For a comic book fan, this is one of the best options to help you experience your favorite universes at a very accessible price.

6. Epic!

If you’re looking to get children’s books, a perfect subscription is Epic! Epic! It gives you access to 25,000 ebooks tailored towards children under 12 years old. They offer fiction, picture books, as well as non-fiction books. There’s a one-month free trial, and after one month, it’s $7.99 per month.

7. 24symbols

24symbols offers over a million books, including bestsellers, fiction, and young adult books for $8.99 a month. 24symbols also provides many free titles. For the money, 24symbols is an excellent service. With unlimited books to read in a month.

8. Forgotten Books

If you’re interested in older lesser-known books, then Forgotten Books is perfect for you. They are a London publisher specifically focused on restoring old books with over 1 million titles. Forgotten Books are offering fiction and nonfiction books. All of them are available to you for only 8.99 a month. A benefit to Forgotten Books is that they allow you to view their archive before signing up. If you don’t like their selection, it means having saved your money for another subscription.

How to Get Cheap or Free Internet

In today’s world, access to the internet is something of a necessity. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has access to it. Internet Service Providers (ISP) have been increasing their rates over the years, and those with limited funds risk being left by the wayside. If your personal finance situation isn’t forgiving enough to allow you to purchase internet access from Verizon or AT&T, don’t fret; there are options out there for you to get internet access for a very reduced rate, or even free!

How to get cheap or free internet

1. FreedomPop

FreedomPop is an excellent product for those seeking an alternate method of accessing the internet. All you need to do is purchase a Freedom Hub Burst modem – a onetime fee of $89.00 – and after that, you can use one gigabyte of absolutely free internet every month. Your best bet with this service is using the web to check email or just general web surfing. Accessing videos and images can be cumbersome.

If you do have a small amount of money coming in, you can upgrade to the 5 GB/$10 per month or 10 GB/$18 per month option. Just make sure you’re located within the coverage area.

2. All Free ISP

All Free ISP is dedicated to finding completely free dial-up internet close to you. Their service provides a list of cities with willing providers in each region and instructions for contacting and applying for free dial up.

Keep in mind that while this service is free, dial-up technology is a dinosaur by today’s standards. Don’t expect any miracles.

3. EveryoneOn.org

This site is a non-profit. Its mission is to help deliver access to the internet to low-income families.

After $50 one-time payment for a modem, there’s a $9.95 per month charge for your internet access – 10 MB/minute. The set up is free and there’s no contract, so you can opt out as soon as you need to. If you qualify, you might receive a steeply discounted refurbished laptop too.

4. Internet For Low Income Individuals

How do payments for access to the internet fit into your personal finance situation?

Depending on how low your income is and the state you live in, there might be programs offering reasonably priced high speed Internet capability. For example, CenturyLink is an organization with an Internet Basics program accessible in 37 states. This program provides DSL service for $120 the first year ($10 a month), and then $252 per year ($21 a month) after that. Free computer classes are available and if you have an extra $150, you can receive a PC.

In order to qualify, you will have to prove that you’re obtaining various government benefits, like Medicaid, Food Stamps, public housing, and so on. Besides that, you may be asked to demonstrate that you household income does not exceed 135%, 150% or 175% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Check to see what the guidelines dictate for your state.

Keep in mind that these are not the only programs offered by the government to help low income families access the internet. You’ll need to do some extensive research before you find the best option for your needs.

5. Free WiFi Near You

WiFi Free Spot is a platform geared towards helping you locate institutions in your area which offer free WiFi. This comes in handy because businesses sometimes don’t advertise free WiFi except at their physical location. Simply select your region (state, country) and you will have access to WiFi Free Spot’s massive database of locations. Maybe you’re close enough to one spot that you can access their WiFi without leaving home.

There are apps for Android and iPhone with similar functiosns

6. Contact Your ISP

Believe it or not, some ISPs already have options for free or low-cost internet service. They just don’t make a habit of advertising it for obvious reasons. Sometimes there are plans for $10 a month or even less. Just decline their additional offers for faster service and you’ll be good to go. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

7. Free Internet Every Month

NetZero and Juno are ISPs which deliver 10 hours of free internet to users every month. As with other programs already mentioned, this is a dial-up service that isn’t optimized for streaming, gaming or other advanced processes. It’s great in a pinch for checking email or some quick Googling. All you have to do in exchange is put up with some unobtrusive advertisements.

In particular, if you sign up with NetZero, you can become eligible for discounts on other products and services they offer. Razer promo code.

8. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

Get creative. Reach out to neighbors (not the one you can’t stand!) and see if they’d be okay with sharing their WiFi password with you. They’ll probably understand that times are tough. If you don’t want a handout, you can offer any kind of good or service in exchange, such as mowing the lawn of walking the dog. Maybe you can even offer to help them make the payments, so that you both save money – just don’t get greedy.

You might be lucky enough to live near a Municipal Wireless Network – these are locations with publicly funded WiFi throughout the entire space. You’ll mostly find MWNs in large cities for the time being, but that is sure to change as technology advances. Even if there are some limits placed on internet use, it’s still quite a boon for the underprivileged.